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Private Pilot Course

Private Pilot Licence Privileges flight in ultralights, in single engine light aircraft without passenger restriction, any Canadian registered aircraft internationally.

Multi engine aeroplanes (special rating required for multi engine), High performance aircraft (with endorsement), Land or sea/float aeroplanes (endorsement is required to cross over).

Enrolment Requirements

  • Minimum Age

    Minimum Age 16
    17 yrs at license application
    14 yrs to commence training

  • Medical Fitness

    Category 3 medical

  • License Required

    Student pilot permit prior to first solo

  • Experience

    An applicant shall have completed a course of not less than 45 hours of flight training which shall include not less than:

    • 17hrs dual instruction including not less than 3hrs cross country and 5hrs of instrument flight
    • 12hrs solo flight time including 5hrs solo cross country
  • Hour Summary

    DUAL - 33 Hours
    SOLO - 12 Hours
    GROUND SCHOOL - 40 Hours
    BRIEFINGS - 10 Hours

Cessna 172 (Based on minimum flying experience required for the private pilots license)

Prices subject to change with out notice and fuel surcharge may be applied.